It pays to carry a vast array of different size and shape hookbaits. From some big 7mm/ 8mm samples, down to some super discrete 3mm Micros or 4mm Wafters

We can hit on a real red letter day when fish really want to feed and a big, bright hookbait will get you a bite faster than anything else

We also have the opposite! Freezing cold days when the fish feed frugally and small is best

A great trick when its really cold is two 2in1 Bait Micros on a spike - these blend in with the micros you are feeding so well that fish don’t even know they are sucking in a hookbait

Odd shaped hookbaits- try cutting down a Wafter so it's a strange shape. Another good one is to combine a Wafter and a Pop-Up in a snowman style

Most anglers get a Wafter out of their tub and cast it in. By taking the time to reshape yours or make a cocktail bait, you're massively increasing your chances

Try adding a sprinkling of red, white and yellow 2in1 Bait Micros and mix them in your feeder pellets. Flecks of colour which add lots of visual attraction, plus the pulling power of Sensate leaking out

Don’t be afraid to try everything you have in your armoury until you start catching on a colour

Just because you caught on a pink hookbait last time doesn’t mean it'll work again