Sensate Powder testing was a massive hit! Interest on the Fjuka Anglers group went through the roof & prototypes on Club Fjuka sold out in barely a week, far quicker than anticipated.

Combined with impressive feedback by users we had no choice but to push forward a launch of Powder Red as a full product on 1 December 2023.

This is largely thanks to you the testers. Your feedback was essential in developing the product.

You found new ways of using it, helped with the concentration (a bit strong at first perhaps) & you weren’t happy with the packets leaking the smell.

So we put it in air-tight bottles, originally at £9.99 for 75g. But with the new concentration & a few tweaks to the bait making process we found we could actually give you 100g instead.

Happening now in the Fjuka Anglers Facebook Group is the first initial testing of Sweet Sensate™ & Sensate™ Powder Natural for 50 lucky members.

Feel free to get over there, join for free & have a look!