In winter you usually have to go to the fish instead of feeding them to come close to you. And they don't always want feed but will look to back away from pressure and anglers.

That's when my dobbing rod comes in. It's a rod I use with a bomb on to cast around looking for lethargic carp. Sometimes they give themselves away and I'll see one top. So I immediately reel the rod I was fishing with in, pick up this one and cast straight to it.

This rod is typically a bit longer than my normal 10ft rods. It might be 11ft because I want to comfortably cast to where fish are.

That might be the other side of the lake or even well to the left or right, aslong as there's nobody fishing there!

My lead is a bit heavier to cast the distance easily and accurately too. My normal bomb is about 10g but this one is around 20g.

Free-running Inline leads are great, tangle free and cast really well.

The hookbait is a very visible bait because I'm relying on that on its own to get me a bite and I want them to see it instantly.

It's yellow or white Fjuka Floating Neeonz, a piece of corn soaked in Sensate™ or even popped up bread.

The hooklength is about 12ins long and I can use a bottom bait or a popped up one with this length.

I give each cast about 5 minutes - if a fish wants the bait it will usually have it quickly, sometimes when you're still sinking your line!

Fish location is the most important thing in winter. You might only be looking for 3 to 5 carp so you need to be fishing where they are - they often won't move.

Having this rod on standby, baited up and ready to go, has caught me so many extra winter fish. It can for you too!

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