The waggler has to be one of the most satisfying ways of catching fish. I remember the days before pole fishing when this method was the go-to commercial tactic for carp in Summer.

Why not chuck a feeder? Well less disturbance, plus the waggler allows you to fish on the drop and twitch the bait to entice a bite.

Loaded wagglers have the weight already attached - you don't need loads of big locking shot on the line, damaging it. Especially a fairly light line like the 4lb Maxima I use when catching carp and a bit of everything.

I do love these Drennan Visi Wagglers for fishing on the bottom.

The waggler is attached like this. Attach a float stop to the line, then your float. Then a Drennan Waggler weight, then a couple more stops. The weight is only small and shots the float half way down its bristle.

The rest of the weight is three or four no 10 Stotz spread out above the hooklength, to give a nice fall through the water.

Loosefeed by catapult little and often is king. I love Fjuka 2in1 Bait 5mm Original, especially the yellow. For the hook too!

On fishery pellet venues then I use 6mm hard pellets coated in Yellow Sensate Bait Dye.

I add a few squirts then shake so the dye covers all the bait. Once dry, the pellets stay fresh so you can use your for multiple sessions.

I push a Quick Stop through the 2in1 Bait but you can use a small tool to do this.

It's on a hair for more durability, you can also straight hook 2in1 Bait.