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Fjuka ace, Brad Hancock got more than he bargained for on a recent bream session - after hooking and landing the lake record carp!

How Fjuka Carpo nearly won Tom Scholey £10k…

Learn How using Fjuka in a match nearly won top match Angler Tom Scholey 10k

5 Essential Barbel Tips

Lean how to catch a barbel with some top tips to help you break your PB before the end of the season from expert Brad Hancock.

Tune Into the latest episodes of our weekly Fishing Live videos

FISHING LiVE : 33. Carp On Pink Wafter

Oli Peasegood does BATTLE with an ANGRY 😡 carp, as Tom & Brad bring

FISHING LiVE: 32. Specimen Bream

Brad Hancock brings news of some massive bream

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Tommy Pickering's Masterclasses

Supercoach Tommy Pickering lead the England Feeder team to 11 World medals, here he inspires us with some masterclasses

Tommy Pickering's Method Feeder Masterclass

Watch now and you’ll IMPROVE your METHOD FEEDER catch rate INSTANTLY! You’ll know the 10 things you HAVE TO KNOW before you next hit the bank.

Fjuka Masterclass: Urban Canal Fishing

Tom Pickering takes us to the Aire & Calder Canal in Knottingley for a masterclass in canal fishing.

He explains the critical depths, rigs, baits and feeding techniques that are key to getting the best possible weight from the cut.

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Improve Your Course Fishing magazine

Fooling large wary carp on wild waters might be a tall order, but Tom Pickering's advice will help you bank a monster.

Match Fishing magazine May 2022

Catching Big Crafty Carp on our commercials requires confidence, the right tackle and bait and nerves of steel...