“Winter baits don't have to be small - 3 BIG BAIT tricks to TRY NOW”

Winter baits don't have to be small

My mates always tell me that if I was carp, I’d be the easiest fish in the world to catch. If there is food available, I never tend to be far away, when the cake gets passed round, my mantra is ‘if you are going to have a piece…make it a big one…’

So this blog about catching big with big baitsfishing with big baits sits close to my heart!


I've always been a massive fan of bread when it came to targeting carp in the coldest weather. Why? Because it made a lovely, big soft ball of bait that a fish could literally inhale. It was super visible - and if the fish so much as sucked at it - then it would find itself hooked.

Then Fjuka Neeonz arrived, and added a whole new hyper-fluoro dimension to the approach. You can flatten then and direct hook them, or flatten several and hair rig them. Use them alone, or with bread for buoyancy.

I seem to get more bites doing this on White and Yellow Neeonz. Just squash your bait as thin as you can, and let the Sensate™ Fish Accelerant to do the rest.


When it comes to big fish hunting on coloured rivers, worms are my favourite bait. They are big, juicy and soft, and every fish from a huge roach to a barbel, bream, perch or carp love to eat them. But they have one thing against them… I always worry that they don’t stand out enough in murky water.

Wrapping a bright Fjuka Neeonz around the shank of the hook - then hooking the worm – gets round the problem with visibility. I believe this gives me the best of both worlds. Standout colour to grab the fishes attention AND the flavour, movement and scent of the big juicy worm…


Here’s a deadly little trick my old mate Rob Perkins shared with me. When you prime a small fish line (let’s say a bread line for example) the temptation is to start fishing, on the size of bait you expect to catch on. So it might be you put a 4mm piece off punch, or a 3mm white Fjuka Micro on the hook. BUT in doing so, you may have missed your best chance of bagging a bonus.

What Rob told me, was to start on a GREAT BIG (10 mm) punch instead. Why? If any big fish is going to be drawn into your peg it is likely to be straight after feeding.

And if it doesn’t work? Just give it five minutes, then go in and plunder 200 pairs of fishy eyes on a little bait!

This has worked for me SO MANY TIMES. So be bold try a bigger bait this winter!

Big, Bright and Beautiful

Sold out

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  • Floating Neeonz Release Date.
    In reply to the questions, the release date date for the floating Neeonz will be the 8th of February to members of the Fjuka Anglers forum and full release will be on the 15th of February. Looking forward to having you use them.

    Fjuka on
  • ive given up on using this new bait I’ve used all three colours but have not caught a single fish I’ve used 16s 18s 14s even a size 10 with all three colours squeezed down flat there I know there have been fish in the swim because I’ve caught on corn and meat

    Barry Sims on
  • I see you are releasing a new floating Fjoka bait early February although it’s only to be available initially to members of the Fjuka Facebook community. Is this correct as I don’t have or want a Facebook account and feel this is unfair.

    Stu on
  • Are you making a floating fjuka bait

    SImon my on

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