About us

David Preston is back and he’s starting a revolution

The brains behind Fjuka is the elusive David Preston. Tackle genius Preston is the founder of some of Europe’s largest fishing brands and the inventor of many industry standards.

When in 2014 Preston sold his tackle empire, he envisioned a lazy bank-side retirement. But first took a holiday in Japan:

“We were cycling through a remote Japanese village when we came across an old man fishing with his grandson. They were catching fish after fish. After a bit of cajoling, they took me to an artisanal workshop in the hills. The place was full of locals stretching, kneading and rolling these round, flexible, fish-baits. That was the end of my retirement!”

Back in the UK Preston spent many, many, months perfecting a process to manufacture his miracle bait.  In 2019 Fjuka 2in1 Bait was born.

It’s the biggest bait innovation since the maggot.