Matt Hayes put David Preston’s new Fjuka’s 2in1 bait through its paces on a natural lake with a variety of species. Here are his thoughts after a day on the bank...

Texture: soft but hard...

I’ve never felt anything quite like this stuff before. It’s soft enough to be rubbed together, but tough enough to be hooked. I started off hooking the white 2in1 bait straight from the packet, and it stayed on the hook. In fact, it withstood multiple casts.

Later, I tried moulding the bait into the shape of maggots and sweetcorn, which took no time and, as you can see from the pictures, it brilliantly imitates these other baits.

One deadly presentation that I used to catch some good carp later in the session was a disk of white 2in1. To make this, I compressed the bait between my finger and thumb, then hooked it through the centre. This flattened bait has a key advantage over a standard pellet shape. It falls through the water much slower, wafting and glinting in the light. This catches the eye of fish sat mid-water, and encouraged some savage takes!

Flavour: Bolivian unicyclist’s jockstrap!

Only joking! Fjuka bait does have a pungent, slightly floral aroma. It’s not unpleasant (though I’m not sure I’ll be wearing it as aftershave!)

The fish seem to love it, though. My bait had been in the water no more than five minutes, and I was into my first carp of the day. This tells me the bait has instant attraction, so there is no need to prebait. Simply hook it, feed it and the fish will be drawn towards the Sensate™ attractants.

Colour: any colour you like – as long as it’s SensateTM!

The pliable texture of the 2in1 bait means that it can be moulded into almost any shape, to mimic maggots and sweetcorn, for example!

There are four colours of 2in1 bait – red, white, yellow and black – but crucially these all have the same Sensate™ flavour. So, four different colours, one pungent attractant.

My go-to colour at the start of a session? It’s always white! Over the years I have found consistently that white baits bring a bite faster than any other colour.

This is particularly true when targeting fish (that have never been caught before) or when fishing for roach and carp.

So, I started on the white, and it delivered fish straight away. Later, I switched to yellow and, again, I found they worked well, both hooked from the packet and moulded into shapes of maggots or sweetcorn.

Once I had caught a few fish, things did get a bit trickier, so it was time to try the red. I have often found red baits work better in harder conditions. Whether it’s because they blend in well with the bottom, I’m not sure, but today a red bait was best through the middle of the day when conditions were at their toughest.

One thing that appeals to me is how easy it is to switch between colours. I simply picked up a bait of a different colour, hooked it and away you go. It’s amazing how often making a quick change in hookbait colour can bring an instant result, and Fjuka’s 2in1 makes this easy.

Adaptability: it’s whatever you make it!

Another really appealing thing about Fjuka bait, is how easy it is to rub two or more pellets together and make a bigger bait. Remember, fish are wild animals and they are greedy by nature. On days when they are feeding well, using a big bait will almost always bring you a bite quicker than a small bait. Likewise, if you are catching a lot of small fish and want to single out something bigger, making an big hookbait is a great way of singling out a specimen!

Today, I have caught carp by making a bigger, standout bait by rubbing several pellets together, and also tempted a few nice roach on half a piece of white 2in1.

I can imagine, whatever the conditions, an adaptable bait like this, would be a handy addition to my tackle box. It’s just so flexible.

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Major advantages of 2in1 bait include being safe in the environment and requiring no preparation.

Anglers will love the fact that 2in1 gets quick bites. Use straight from the bag.


Fjuka 2in1 Micros are the ultimate fish attractor and micro-hookbait. Use to bring bites and kick start your session. Powered by Sensate™ quick release attractants to induce feeding, even in cold water conditions.

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Watch Matt Hayes have his first go fishing for roach and carp with Fjuka 2in1 Bait, and deliver his verdict...

As seen in Improve your course fishing Issue 376