What am I doing wrong?

Haven't caught on Fjuka yet?

Wondering why others are bagging up and you're not getting any bites? Fjuka Pioneer David Preston gives us some solid answers on why you might not be catching.

Possible reasons you’re not catching

Not incorporating into how you fish

Not incorporating the bait into how you fish might be a reason your blanking. If you as an angler uses groundbait or fishery micro pellets regularly then it’s an unfair test to use just the Fjuka on its own.



Don't see the bites

On a pole or waggler you can respond to bites instantly.
I see anglers all the time who throw out a lead with a banded hard fishery pellet and wrap it in Fjuka for extra attraction. That way they have the attraction of the Fjuka and the security of hard pellet always being there.

A fishing style that doesn’t suit Fjuka

Fjuka bait is a paste bait in pellet form. If an angler throws out a lead with a size 12 hook and a Fjuka pellet on it - if there are tiny fish about, they will rob it off that hook before a bigger fish gets to it. You can buy time by making a bigger bait by rubbing several Fjuka pellets together, or use on a method feeder where it’s one bite and you catch.

Lack of confidence

Bait is about confidence as well as it being liked by fish. It’s common for people to try a new bait when they’re not catching on their usual bait. Nothing to lose when you’re already not catching. And who wants to change something by trying a new bait when they’re on a catching streak?

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"I’m a big believer that most stuff aimed at anglers is to catch the angler more than the fish.
Fjuka has done both.
My first experience with their 2in1’s was not a good one and I very nearly gave up on them.
But, I had to be fair and gave them another go and boy, was I pleased I did. A few loose offerings of 2in1’s and on direct on the hook and it took all of 23 seconds to hook into my first fish. "

Steve Melson

Fjuka Fatboys 10mm - Red

"Went to my local lake complex, replaced pumped pellets with these little beauties and had a bite a chuck, Can't believe how quickly they attracted fish into the swim and I wasn't on a flyer."

Mr Paul Foden

Fjuka 2in1

Surprised me with how well it works

"I wasn't expecting a lot when I put half a pellet on a size 16 and dropped it in the Trent in among a shoal of fry, to say the effect was immediate and dramatic is an understatement. They went off on such a feeding frenzy the water bubbled. They were FIGHTING over the hookbait!"

James Moore

New Fjuka 2in1 Bait - Natural

Fjuka Bait

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