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Mark Benbow
The great green ground bait

Good mixed ground bait lovely smell no sticky mess breaks down very quick out of bag and on to feeder so simple

Ultimate Match Fishing Kit
Eamonn Dudgeon (ENG)

Well worth the buy had some lovely fish

Section win

I fished a match last week on a lake I've never had any luck on before so this time I used the method pellets and powder this time round and got myself a section win. I will definitely be using this again and highly recommend it.

Ultimate Match Fishing Kit
Simon Wiltshire (ENG)

Worked a treat definitely purchase again


Easy to use , fish seemed to love it, great price.

First class

As someone who only feeder fishes I found this pack to be brilliant, the two in one bait certainly sorts out the better fish, and plenty of them. The 2mm feeder pellets are brilliant. Have had some of the best sessions I have ever had, with carrying a minimum amount of bait etc.

New Lake, New bait squeeze ready mix/pellets

1st time for me using the squeeze ready products, first cast 1 carp took inline feeder 8mm sinker small carp but a good start, 2nd fish was a corker 14lb 6oz I had a total of 6 fish it was great and good using the fjuka products in a 6hr fishing trip, due to health reasons I'm not able to fish very often its absolutely fantastic I can depend on a bait that works offering a good range of fishing techniques when I fish

Ultimate Match Fishing Kit
Alex Waller (ENG)
Brilliant products

Only used to the 2 in1 hook baits so far, but if the rest of the bundle is anything to go by, they'll be amazing.

Firs use of the Sweet method pellets

After watching the video of Tommy using these baits I had to give them a try. The idea of ready to use no prep had me sceptical but excited.
Within minutes I could be fishing instead of preparing and waiting for my bait to be ready.
I set up a method feeder with a top up wafter on my local mixed fishery.
Well to be absolutely honest the tip swung round within minutes a carp of around 4lb.
From that moment on my confidence was on a high and I also fed up a margin line ready for later.
My day was a red letter day the fish seemed instantly attracted to the sweetness and like the fish I was hooked, catching on both lines all day.
I was pleasure fishing and released all my fish as I caught them so have no idea of overall weight but, my confidence in
Fjuka baits had me place further orders so that I never run out.
If you want some sound advise, give it a try, like me you could find yourself making that extra order. Plus with free delivery and bargain prices it's a win win situation
Tight lines everyone, I'm off again tomorrow for a repeat performance.

Ultimate Match Fishing Kit
Roberto Generali (45)
Ottimi prodotti ma non ho ricevuto i 2 regali

Purtroppo nel pacco ricevuto non c’erano i 2 regali promessi .Come mai ?

Absolute bargain. Great product, amazing customer service …
Highly recommend using this company and products

Martyn Harrison (ENG)

Very very good product… attracts the fish rapid and keeps them in your swim.
High recommended

Sensate™ Powder Power Pack
Susan Jarvis (ENG)
A must have

great product, great service , very pleased customer

Fatboys 2in1 10mm
Chris Line (ENG)
Fat boys

Used as hook baits, when bomb and pellet fishing. Effective, fished at 35m, fed 8mms fishery pellets. I had 11 carp for 86lb. Recommended.

Great bait Great value

Used this for multiple situations. Pellet Wagler, bomb and pellet ,
Very good for Carp fishing also, PVA bag fishing there brilliant.

Great for all fishing

Perfect for match and pleasure fishing. Hooks easily and extremely attractive

Also great for shallow and over shotted rigs

Justin Randall (ENG)

Lovely texture and attracted a variety of fish quite quickly. I like the red and the green and look forward to trying the 'Halibut'.


Had a great day of fishing on a inline feeder

Best bait dye out there

Use the red sesame dye for my paste fishing, brightest red there is and catches loads of F1s and carp.

Very good easy to use product....

Kevin Healy (ENG)
So easy to use

Great bait to have, don't have to worry about getting water or mixing. Just squeeze and away you go.

Patient looks great hopefully will be using it this weekend

The Bait looks great, a good price for the amount of bait received and well packaged, I got 5mm hook bait pellets as the surprise gift and I am very pleased. After using the bait I will be ordering more.

Garry Dann (ENG)
Fantastic groundbait

Bought the green groundbait and had a really good day catching all day on the method feeder....

Ultimate Match Fishing Kit
Garry Dann (ENG)
Really good bait

Ordered the match bait and was very impressed with it,had a really good day catching all day

Aron Bates (ENG)
Great texure

Great went on very good no problems