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Hookable Wafters - Angling Times and IYCF First look from the bank

Improve Your Coarse Fishing Editor Tony Grigorjevs and Angling Times Tackle Tester Dan Webb team up for a first look at Fjuka's Hookable Wafters.

Improve Your Coarse Fishing magazine issue 362

How to attract fish using scent and sound.

Improve Your Coarse Fishing magazine issue 365

Martin Stokes reveals a great tactic that's delivered fantastic results on his local commercial waters.

Improve Your Coarse Fishing magazine

Fooling large wary carp on wild waters might be a tall order, but Tom Pickering's advice will help you bank a monster.

Match Fishing magazine May 2022

Catching Big Crafty Carp on our commercials requires confidence, the right tackle and nerves of steel...

Improve your Coarse Fishing Issue 376

Matt Hayes put David Preston’s new Fjuka’s 2in1 bait through its paces on a natural lake with a variety of species. Here are his thoughts after a day on the bank...

Match fishing magazine

Tom Scholey explains a deadly feeding tactic to help you catch everything that swims this winter…

Match Fishing magazine Oct 2022

Knowing which swims to fish when in the match is what sets top anglers apart from the chasing back. Tom Scholey explains some key thoughts on maximising a peg's potential.

Match Fishing magazine Sep 2022

Trevor Price explains some key tactics to give him an edge when fishing for carp and bream on the feeder.