"It was the Fjuka wafter and fake corn combo that once again did the damage for 4 out of 5 of my giant bream haul. This is a fantastic combination and ranks highly in my armoury”

- Brad Hancock

Brad's 12-2-0 PB Bream

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How I caught my PB bream...

- By Brad Hancock

Those who read my last blog know I recently had a mega catch from a deep, moody water near Sheffield.

A lake record carp; some giant tench;and bream to over 9lb had all been obliging…BUT I was still missing the elusive, double figure slabs that I’d set out to catch in the first place!

Brad's 9-14-0 beast of a bream

Fast forward 2 months - I got a second shot!

This time the water temperature was much warmer, but word on the bank was; fishing was tough, so success was anything but guaranteed…

Though I knew the 11mm Hookable Wafter and a piece of fake corn did the damage last time, experience has taught me to cover my options.

So I fished one rod with the winning Hookable Wafter combo, and the other with a bunch of dead maggots.

I fed aggressively with Fjuka 2in1, pellets and particles, all laced with Sensate liquid attractant for extra punch.

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