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Can not review what I have not received


Not tried yet looks good though

Hi fjuka I have not been able to get out as yet, I am disabled and have to rely on other people as soon as I get out I will leave a review thanks for your prompt service 🙂


Not tried it yet to cold for me looks good

Gordon Collett (ENG)
Quick service

Very quick service but haven't tried yet

Gordon Collett (ENG)
Quick service

Very quick service haven't tried yet

Quick service

Very quick service but haven't tried yet

Kev Allen (ENG)

These are some of the best sinkers you will buy , highly recommended

Fjuka natural powder

As good as the red powder for white maggots

Paul Griffiths (ENG)
4mm wafters

Brilliant size for winter fishing. I’ve used them on the method and the bomb with good success.

Powder mania

Excellent products use natural in my groundbait red in maggots and on corn with yellow prototype mix both together also in groundbait .

Fjuka Sensate squeeze and go

To be honest I bought a couple of bags of the Company's 2 in 1, pellet bags when fishing at TBF, to be truthful then, a bit sceptical at first, new kid on the block, after the 6 days there, I can say honestly, I was in a hung thought about the results, however I thought to indulge the idea of buying most of the products em-block, to give me weekly sometimes 2x adventures weekly, and try using the differing array of products on different venues, very pleased with using the Sensate Squeeze and go Groundbait, the squeezing being crammed into the open ended feeder, with the usual goodies, 2 huge bangs at 45 mtrs (!!???), broken both times, with so much Cold Water being in the Irish Lough's, it was difficult to guage, but as a good dose of Sun warmed the shallower waters, so the Roach and Hybrids came closer, not big bragging day, for sure.
But watching the small flicked pellets of Groundbait In the shallows I was impressed with the cloud it made, the smell of the Sensate, is very similar to a product from the Kitchen, a food for thought in the future using the Normal Coloured Sensate (Secret Liquid), in the Groundbait, increased the results 10x & a nice feeling whilst packing my stuff away, so with Matches coming up shortly, and the Array of products to go through, field testing as I do so, gives me encouragement, moving forward.
Whoever ventures into trying it out, if you fiddle around and use your own ideas coupled in the adventures, the results are there and encouraging, the pellets are very obliging on the Pole, especially the Orange 1's the Yellow a close 2nd, the white 3rd, was not liking the Neezous in the Tube, no interest shown, while the other (Yellow pellets side hooked- be9st version), worked without exception, to be honest the pellets in the tubes, don't seem to attract much interest, but so far very Happy to have chosen to buy the Fjuka Products, the Sensate Dyes are very good, haven't tried Tommy Pickering's Orange version yet, maybe next week.
Tight Lines Guys and Dolls.

feeder bundle

Very prompt delivery service, used straight from the bag on a small hybrid feeder with a 6mm natural sinker on very silted venue. slow start to a practice session due to heavy frost but a hour in the carp started grubbing around and fizzing and bites started to come, ended up with 25 carp and f1s for about 50lb plus not bad for february . brilliant product.

Boilie Pellets
D.gwyn Hughes (ENG)
Great pellets excellent price

These pellets are so good, excellent and competivly priced ,
The carp In winter are certainly coming to these baits.
Keep the good work up,your certainly onto a winner here.k


Used this first time, was a bit sceptical about how red they would turn out but I was pleasantly surprised how red the maggots turned out.👍end up with plenty of skimmers and a few F1on the day, roll on the warmer months feel confidence in using this and other Fjuka product in the future

Sensate red powder

Used powder for giving extra colour to my red maggots. Only used it once but had a good day catching small carp and roach. I have been using a selection of fjuka products for a number of years and find they work well.

Banging stuff

If it's anything like it's predecessor it'll be a big hit with the angler ,we'll done Mr Preston you've done it again

Method Feeder pack

I am very happy with the contents of the pack looking forward to using it at the weekend Excellent service

Always guaranteed to offer a great result

Whenever I have used the Sensate it has worked in difficult times.


Excellent service

These are the best waters on the match scene

William Scott (ENG)
Multi catch

The ground bait and pellet are so easy to use and increased my catch rate.
The bags don't last for a full match so could possibly need to be larger.

Fjuka senate natural

As with the rest of the products really pleased with how well this has worked. Love it


Brilliant smell will definitely catch fish.

Great addition to the range.

Added to some mixed maggots. Rudd went mad for it.