"Sensate™ is the greatest innovation of my career - it's also the smallest"

Sensate™ Fish Accelerant emerged from 30 years research & experimentation - in the lab and on the bank. There’s no faster way to get fish into your swim.

  • Sensate™ technology: Fjuka's attractants are carried by micro-nutrients (just 0.4µm in diameter - that’s 0.4 thousandths of a mm)

  • Instant attraction: when Sensate™ hits the lake, river or ocean these micro-nutrients disperse attractants instantly.

  • Micro-nutrients: unlike other attractants, Sensate™ doesn’t float to the surface or sink to the bottom. It forms an instant cloud around your bait.
Sensate™ Powder Fish Accelerant - Red
Sensate™ Fish Accelerant 95ml - Original
Sweet Sensate™ Fish Accelerant Attractant